Nov 19, 2011

How to Add the Google Adsense Ads into Your Blogger Blog?

Most of you know how to add the adsense ads into your blog and how to make money with it but for them who are new with it, here I’m writing how to add the ads into your blog.
Go to blogger. com and ‘log in‘ to your blogger ‘dashboard.’ Click on the, ‘layout‘button of the blog.

Click ‘Add a gadget‘ and select, ‘Adsense‘ you can select the ad format and colors and then ‘save.’

After you added the ad, you can adjust the position of the ad to suite your need, just like I added the ad on the top of my article section. And just watch your ad on your blog!

Nov 18, 2011

Boost Your Income With Paid Review Sites

Paid review sites are middle man company who creates an opportunity to make a connection between advertiser and bloggers. In any form, they take commission from advertiser, blogger or both of them for using their service. A paid review is an opinion from the blogger about the services or websites. This includes a link for SEO and a buzz to boost its sales. Now there are lots of paid review sites available on the internet. Here are 10 cool paid review sites.

Payper Post

I have to put payperpost in no 1 because it’s my no 1 money makers. Payperost is a big company with lots of advertisers and bloggers. You can apply for this site when you have a blog at least 1 month old with 10 articles.
They pay via paypal after 30 days of every approved post. They don’t take any percentage from the blogger’s side. You can earn $20 when you’ll do your first review featuring PPP.


SocialSpark is a new paid review site from Izea -the creator of PPP. This is an off beat marketplace where people can interact like a social media. There are reviews, sponsorships and sparks to earn money. Your blog must be at least 3 months old to get accepted. Payments via paypal and other terms are just like PPP.


Review ME is one big company and the most high paying review site. They’ll pay a minimum of $40 per review and they’ll take 50%. You can earn at least $20 per review. To get accepted, you blog must have google page rank 4 and at least 1000 hits per day (approximately).


TextLinkAds is another big review site and they are well known for text links. To get approved your blog must have at least PR 4. Payment methods are check, paypal, wire and bank deposite and minimum payout, $25.


LinkWorth is all in one publisher program and they offer paid links, review, banners and text links. They’ll keep 30% of the money for standard partnership and 50% for preferred partnership. Payment methods are check, paypal, wire and bank deposit and minimum payout, $25 for paypal and $100 for check.

How to Make More Money with Your Blog

Don't Monetize Your Blog

When you start your blog, try to build the content and don’t put any ads on your blog for at least 4-6 months. Promote your blog and add more useful content. When you will do this, people will see that this blogger is not monetizing his blog and will get more interested in reading your blog. People will connect with you and ask you for advertise on your blog. This way when you will open up the ads on your blog after 6 months (when you will have a good readership and a page rank) you will start getting ad offers and make even more money from your blog.

Optimize Your Adsense Ads

If you are using adsense, then try to make it blend into your content and theme. Add less ad spots on your blog and put them in top. So you will get more clicks and more money. Try filtering the MFA ads using the competitive ad filter option in adsense to keep your ad stream free of low paying ads.

Sign Up For Many Paid Review Sites

When you sign up for many paid review sites and submit your site on their marketplace, the chances are you will receive regular offers and can post the paid review in your blog. Paid reviews are great way to build content and earn extra money without even using ad space.

Put Affiliate Links Of The Services You Use

If you are using this service, I’m sure your readers will need this too! Just like I’m using HostGator web host and Thesis Theme, I can put the affiliate links to these sites on my blog. When people will buy using the link, you will earn money.

Offer Contextual Ads On Your Blog

Sign up for sites such as LinkWorth, InfoLinks or TextLinkAds and offer contextual ads on your site. This will make the blog post words into clickable link ads and you will earn money for each click.

Receive Money in Bangladesh with Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard from oDesk

You can earn money online as a freelancer via odesk and that’s some serious money making. Getting paid from odesk is even easier because there are 5 options to receive money from odesk. You can withdraw your earnings through Moneybookers, can deposit the money to your bank account and of course the paypal option is available.
One of the greatest methods for Bangladeshi’s and the countries that don’t supports paypal is the Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard from odesk.

Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard

It’s just like any other credit cards, its physical card (not virtual), it operates like any other plastic card, it’s prepaid (debit card) and you don’t need any bank account to have it. It’s linked to your odesk profile and can withdraw your odesk earnings to the debit card.

How To Apply For Odesk Mastercard ?

Go to the payment methods in odesk and click to sign up for:  oDesk Debit MasterCard. Submit your user details, fill up the form correctly and then you have to submit a security document. 2nd address is the address where payoneer will send you the mastercard. You can use the same as your billing address or can use your preferred shipping address. On the 3rd part of the form, you will be asked to enter your passport number/ driver license/ number of the national ID card (voter ID card).
After submitting the application, payoneer will verify your details and will determine if you are eligible to receive the oDesk Debit MasterCard.
Once your applicatin gets approved, they will send you the card through regular postal mail.

Nov 16, 2011

How to Receive Money in Bangladesh?

Receive Money By Check

This is a bank check which you can cash out from your bank. Different sites such as adsense and others pay via bank check. This is absolutely the basic and most popular way to receive money in Bangladesh.

Receive Money Using Paypal

PayPal is a popular payment processor that helps you receive funds online. PayPal is not yet available in Bangladesh but it will be soon. 

Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard

This is a great new way to receive money in Bangladesh; you get a mastercard from sites like oDesk and can withdraw money from ATM’s, read: Receive money in Bangladesh using the Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard.

Receive Money Using Moneybookers

MoneyBookers is just like paypal and it’s liked to your bank account. It supports Bangladesh. MoneyBookers.

Receive Money Using Alert Pay

Same as PayPal and supports Bangladesh. You can withdraw using the check or can use Western Union.Verify and withdraw using AlertPay.

How Much Money Earn From Online

Depending on your effort, skills and method, you can earn from TK 5,000-10,000/month. Earning online really depends on your commitment and your effort, so you can even earn from TK 15,000-30,000 or even 50,000 a month. Take my advice, there’s serious money can be earned online and it’s not a joke, whatever you do, just be serious and work hard on it; don’t scam, cheat and be honest on what your method is.

Ways Of Earn Money Online from Bangladesh

Are you from Bangladesh and looking for legit/ real ways to Earn Money Online? Then read this guide which will help you to learn, understand and Earn Money Online from Bangladesh.
This guide can be a reference to online money making because there are so many ways where you can stay at home and earn money online. But let me inform you, online money making is just like earning in real life and it’s not that easy.
Some of these ways are easy to start but won’t generate much revenue where other guarantees you a better payout and a regular income stream. So here are the ways to Earn Money Online from Bangladesh.

Earn Money For Write Articles
There are so many websites which runs on user generated content and articles. Some of these sites share the revenue with their writers. The more traffic you get for your article will earn you more money. One of the website that shares 10% google adsense revenue with their writers is called Shoving.

Earn Money With Your Photos

If you love photography and a good photographer, then you can sell your exclusive photos online. This is a cool concept where you earn money online by selling your photos. Designers need photos for their projects and one of your pictures can be sold to many authors. You can sell your photos on sites such as iStockPhoto.

Earn Money With Google Adsense

To earn money using google adsense, you need a running website/ blog, read this post on how to start a blog. You must have seen billboards and ads where they claim you can earn money online $10-20/ day using adsense -THAT’S A LIE! Adsense is a legit way for money making and you earn revenue when some one clicks on your ads. Before having this status, you need to build up a content rich blog; but those suckers teach people how to build a dummy blog with copied content, it’s not real and it’s a SCAM! 

Earn Money For Your Opinion

Yes, this is the new era of money making; now you earn money for giving your opinion by writing a blog post on your web log. Thanks to paid review sites, they pay you to write about products, websites and brands. Your opinion gives them buzz, traffic and customers. One of the popular paid review sites is SocialSpark.

Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money Online

This is a method where you promote a product on your website/ group and when you sell it, you get the commissions. There are lots of digital and real goods available that sell well and people love to have them; you can be an affiliate and earn money as you go on. You can be an affiliate and sell goods from Amazon.

Earn Money Selling Banner Ads

If you build an established website/ blog, then advertisers will love to pay you to put banner ads on your website. This is called banner ads or direct income opportunities. The more traffic and link popularity you generate for your site, the more money you can earn with your website.

Earn Money With Freelancing 

Freelance jobs provide a great way for web users to work at home and earn a good income. You may have skills like data entry, graphics design or administrative tasks; you will get work online and for this you will be paid. You can start a career with freelancing. One of the good marketplaces I recommend for freelancing is oDesk.

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